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Vinson’s Christmas and Other Oddities

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Vinson’s Christmas and Other Oddities Excerpt (PDF, 22 pages, 1.2mb, 5x8in)

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William J. Vinson, Author/Lunatic

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WILLIAM J. VINSON is a character of dubious origins, unusual vocations and regrettable pursuits. His other writings have even less purpose then this treatise, unless kindling is required. He has been overly educated, having received a B.A. and M.B.A. for no Earthly reasons.

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The ancient tales and distant origins of Christmas and its traditions have long been of very little interest to the right thinking. This book seeks to arm the know-it-all, the boor, the acid-tempered and other social miscreants with information designed to harass the sensibilities of the more balanced celebrants of Christmas.

Early scorn for Vinson’s Christmas: And Other Oddities…

“A work of utter madness.” – The London Chronicle

“An inelegant assortment of claptrap, poppycock, balderdash and rubbish with the aftertaste of an ill-stored cod.” – Lloyd’s Illustrated Newspaper

“Repellent tripe of the first order… a tome so vile as to shame Gutenberg himself.” – The Hull Packet

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Vinson’s Christmas and Other Oddities… - William J. Vinson

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Vinson, William J. (William James)

Vinson’s Christmas : and other oddities / by William

J. Vinson ; edited by Sara D’Emic ; additional editing

by Jane Roper and Armand Inezian. — 6th ed.

p. cm.

LCCN 2012936026

ISBN 978-0982708477


1. Christmas–History.  2. Christmas–Legends.

3. Christmas–Humor.    I. Title.


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